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Copper Cabana Daylily (Hemerocallis)

Copper Cabana Daylily (Hemerocallis)


Orange flower with triangular yellow throat. Yellow lines emanate from each of the triangle corners extending to the three major petal tips. A slight ruffle to the petal edges. This is a rare cultivar which Mark acquired from one of his longstanding Austrian hemerocallis growing pals.  A late bloomer at the end of July and just a hint of  Barry Manilow about it?!  Dormant foliage in winter.


  • Height - 85cms
  • Size of blooms - 12cms
  • Bloom season - Late - July/August
  • Colour - Orange/Yellow
  • Supplied as mature bareroot with 3-4 fans


NB. Potted cultivars of varying size and price for sale at our nursery from June to August. Please contact us to check availability/ pre-order.

  • Cultivation and Planting Information

    A very hardy and resistant perennial, Hemerocallis plants are a wise investment for your garden as they are deemed to be almost indestructible. They grow in almost any situation but thrive on full sunlight so best planted in a spot where they will have on average at least 4 hours of sunlight a day.

    Since daylilies can be planted any time of year the soil can be worked, plant your daylilies as soon as possible after arrival. They are not fussy about soil PH but respond well to having a healthy amount of compost or seasoned manure together with, ideally, a small handful of wood ash worked well into the ground before planting.

    When planting, keep the crown of the plant exactly level with the soil and press firmly in place.

    If planted directly into the ground, after an initial good watering, daylilies should not need regular watering (they thrive on benign neglect!), though if planted in pots we do recommend you water them and especially during extended dry and hot spells. Daylilies do not do so well in prolonged wet and marshy ground.

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